Grading System

To me sandblasted pipes are not second quality. There are very large differences between a straight grain sandblast and a cross grain or loose flame grain blast. So I grade my blasts as well. Blasted pipes start at grade 1 and go to grade 5.

grade 1: sandblasted

grade 2: sandblasted

grade 3: sandblasted

Smooth pipes are graded from 4 to 7 depending on a combination of grain and sand pits.

grade 4: sandblasted or smooth

grade 5: sandblasted or smooth

Absolutely clean pipes start at grade 6 - which means you will not find a sand pit. But if there is a pipe with a very impressive grain but one sandpit it could be graded with 6 or even 7 too.

grade 6: smooth

grade 7: smooth

special grade 8:

Grade 8 is reserved for extraordinary grain and clean wood but also for pipes which do not fit into the grading system e.g. very large Giants, very expensive applications, very time consuming sculptures ...

All pipes are stamped with my initials D.W.

On the mouthpiece you will find a white line as a position mark.